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Posted by Sue Tranter on

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a sharpening and repair service for knives and other household and garden tools.

Please contact us or bring your items into the shop!

Kitchen knives (plain or serrated on one side) - £0.45 per inch of blade (2.5cm)
Scissors (kitchen and general purpose) - £5.00
Chisels 1" width or less - £3.00
Chisels over 1" width - £5.00
Axes - £5.00
Garden shears - £5.00
Knife repairs
Minor repairs (remove small nicks in blade or repair minor damage to tip of blade)
- £2.95
Major repairs (remove large nicks in blade or repair major damage to tip of blade)
- £5.95


Please note - as it is not possible to weld knives back together we will re-shape broken tips.
Remember that in order to get the most from your newly repaired knives it is advisable to have them sharpened at the same time (see sharpening price list for costs) 

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  • Absolutely fantastic service. My knives have never been so sharp. Thank you

    Dave on

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