Classic vinaigrette dressing made in shropshire rapeseed oil bennett and dunn

Classic Vinaigrette Dressing by Bennett and Dunn

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Made in Shropshire this French Vinaigrette dressing combines the warm light nutty flavour of Bennett and Dunn's original rapeseed oil with the sharp & sweet balance of french vinaigrette flavours. Perfect for dipping, over salads and (due to the high heat Rapeseed oil can withstand) with BBQs. A perfect store cupboard ingredient. 250ml glass bottle.
Bennett & Dunn cold pressed Rapeseed oil is produced by husband and wife team Rupert and Tracey Bennett. Rupert, who has 30 years experience farming in Shropshire takes great pride in producing a superior quality product. 
The Rapeseed is cold pressed, triple filtered and then hand bottled by Rupert on the farm. Our oil is GM free, Gluten free and our production process is chemical free, this ensures our rapeseed oil retains all of its health benefits and delicious flavour. It's full of natural goodness.
Ingredients: Bennett and Dunn rapeseed oil, Mustard, Red wine vinegar, Garlic, herbs.