Paul Hollywood springform cake tin non stick 8" 9" 20cm 23cm cheesecake tin loose base

Paul Hollywood Springform Cake tin

  • £8.45

Paul Hollywood has designed his own ‘perfect’ version of the classic spring form tin – to help home bakers achieve perfect-looking, great-tasting cakes and cheesecakes.

His spring form cake tin is made of extra-thick carbon steel, so it’s really strong and won’t warp in the oven. And with its sturdy sprung design and unique champagne-coloured non-stick coating, your bakes pop straight out with no crumbling. Its spring form mechanism makes it particularly good for deep, decadent baked cheesecakes – the sides ‘pop’ away from the cake, so you always get crisp, clear edges and perfect presentation.

It’s also great for sponge and fruit cakes. And best of all, it’s been tested by Paul with some of his favourite recipes. He’s even included his own recipe for a deliciously spicy seed cake.


8" WAS: £11.30

9" WAS: £10.55